At Superior Plastics we utilize advanced technologies and quality engineering to boost your supply chain. By allowing us to optimize your procurement needs, you will experience superior breakthroughs in quality and engineering from concept to mass production.

25 injection molding machines

120,000,000 parts per year

24/7 production

104,000 sq ft production facility

Injection Molding

As a plastic injection molder, Superior Plastics Inc, has served customers in automotive, medical, infant care, and construction industries for over 24 years. We can build a custom solutions that fit your budget and timing.

All of our presses are equipped with three axis servo robots and press side automation to handle complicated processes. We also offer insert and over molding as well as pressurized water systems to handle highly engineered resins.

• PA-66 (Glass filled and non-filled)
• PP (Glass filled and non-filled)
• PA-6 (Glass filled and non-filled)
• PPE/PS + Glass filled 30%
• PC


Automation is a key for us to maximize our manufacturing capacity and overall productivity while keeping overhead manageable. We are able to improve our production outputs, part quality, and overall efficiency with automated assemblies and box fills. 

• Customized assembly solutions to meet customers’ needs
• Fully automatic assembly cells
• State of the art collaborative robots
• Integrated vision systems for quality control and inspection

Ultrasonic Welding

Superior Plastics is an industry leader in ultrasonic welding parts that are molded from a highly engineered resin to a metal component. This is an efficient and cost effective solution for many applications. It can be easily automated and in some cases, eliminate the need for adhesives and fasteners. It also cures very quickly and produces a clean and tight seal. Our ultrasonic welding is highly precise making it an ideal process for manufacturing parts used across many industries including automotive, consumer products, medical, and packaging.


Superior Plastics’ Engineering provides full project management and tool building resources where our engineering team works hand in hand with a customer from concept to completion.  By allowing Superior Plastics to build your molds, this results in fewer mold modifications, reduced lead times, a preventative maintenance program, and lower overall costs. 

Our engineering team helps our customers in material selection, part design and automation processing.  Together we create a cost effective and high-quality product with the efficiency that makes working with us easier.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We work collaboratively with our customers to provide solutions to make plastics parts quicker while maintaining consistency and repeatability.

We offer vision measurement systems services for tight tolerance parts that deliver accuracy and repeatable measurement results. 

All of our tools have a personalized mold preventative maintenance program based upon tool design and material.  Our MoldTrax software is a comprehensive maintenance system database that allows us the means to track and analyze mold performance.  We are able to document shot count, repairs, and ultrasonic cleanings.